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Selecting A Title Company

Home buyers in Maryland have the right to select their title company.

As with any decision, use all your available resources in making this choice. Your real estate agent, if chosen wisely, can be the best resource. Real estate agents work with service professionals from lenders to contractors, and they know what companies are dedicated to great service.

What is a title company? Nothing more than an independent impartial entity that manages a closing process. However, they also do much more. These are professionals that arrange for the lender/buyer Title Insurance Policy, draw up the final documents and legal forms for your mortgage and/or property transfer, collect all final signatures, transfer funds, and file the legal documents at the courthouse.

The Title Insurance Policy protects the buyer, the seller and the mortgagor (the lender) against any defects in the lien from future or unknown present third party claims which may arise resulting from prior ownership. If an attorney is involved, the law firm will order your title policy from a title company and manage the closing from their office.

When you're using your Realtor's recommended service professionals, you're increasing the likeliness of a smooth and successful real estate transaction because all parties know everybody else will pull their weight. Because it's illegal for Realtors to receive referral fees from other service professionals, you can be sure their referral is purely on the basis of great service.

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Property Title & Escrow, LLC
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Sage Title
Michael Grace, Attorney
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